Monday, June 23, 2008

2nd try for Jed

I believe I have found the article that Anna posted. I couldn't get the link to work, hopefully this one will. If not search for the title; "Postcards from Nowhere".

Postcards from Nowhere by Jed Pearl

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Tommy said...

I think this article is pretty interesting in that it critizes those production theories that Garth Clark was epitimizing in The Industrial Complex article. According to the Rizatti article we're discussing Monday, works like Murakami's mass-produced Louis Vuitton handbags would be charaterized as Applied Art, not Fine Art. Perl is agitated about "product placement" in a Fine Art museum/gallery. It's as though he is drawing a parallel between Nike Air Jordan's and "fine art," stating that Fine Art shouldn't be so capitalistic. So does this sound like the indie rock thing, as soon as your making money you're not making music anymore? Or is the American fine art scene so entrenched with marketing that it has lost sight of greater content/concept?