Saturday, April 19, 2008

checking in

Hi all - I am on - thanks TJ for getting this set up.  Let's do  little checking this week about how to get readings on here.

Is everyone on that needs to be?

And Patrick - my favorite ceramics stereo type is when people assume you are working at that ceramics place where you make molded christmas trees you can put lights on...
and when I went to school it was the ash tray that everyone mentioned when you said ceramics (I have a good ashtray story when we get together...)  Anyway - a good way to start the discussion.

Recalled another critic/writer to check out Paul Greenhalgh - I have a book of his - The Persistence of Craft I can share when we meet.

Images would be good - but I like this idea of Patrick's too.  A picture of something we see as society's idea of ceramics....  can we do both?

Did not receive 100% confirmation - we are on for my house August 28th -- Monday, 7 pm.  I will provide dessert - right?


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Thaddeus Erdahl said...

didn't know about the 28th thing, but will be there. is is a potluck?